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Jill's Spanking Facts

My Spanking Facts!!  

This list is borrowed from Sir and His Girl's Blog.

I’ve only taken the questions that relate to Domestic Discipline because we don’t use spanking for anything else.

If you want to see the original list, you can see it here at Sir and His Girl’s blog:

1) Would you rather be spanked outside in a cold woodshed or inside by a cozy fire?  
Definitely by a cozy fire! My Hubby spanks me with love.

2) Would you rather be spanked in public or private?

DD is a private matter and not something people normally talk about – so I’d say in private.

3) Would you rather fantasize about spanking or actually be spanked?
I need my maintenance spankings so I want to be actually spanked.

4)Would you rather be spanked for punishment  or for your spanker’s pleasure?

Punishment and maintenance

5) Would you rather be spanked by hand or hairbrush?
The hand please!

6) Would you rather be spanked by belt or cane?
We have a leather paddle – so I would choose the belt – kinda the same thing.

7) Would you rather be spanked by ping pong paddle or riding crop?
Ping pong paddle – I guess I am a paddle person!

8) Would you rather be restrained or unrestrained during a spanking?
I can restrain myself – it’s a big part of learning submission.

9) Would you rather be spanked until you cried or until you are aroused?
I don’t cry – I whimper.  When I whimper, I know my HoH’s message is getting through!

10) Would you rather have just a red bottom or welts/bruises?
Red bottom – welts and bruises are abuse in my opinion.

11) Would you rather be spanked for the naughty things you have done or just because you enjoy the experience?
For breaking the rules we have and for being disobedient and disrespectful.

12) Would you rather be spanked with panties up or panties down?
No panties at all – just good old-fashioned bare -bottomed.

13) Would you rather be spanked somewhat clothed or entirely naked?
Somewhat clothed – but if my hubby wanted me naked, I would obey.

14) Would you rather be spanked OTK or bent over a table/chair?
Whatever my Hubby decides. I’m good with his choices. Both are ok.

15) Would you rather be a brat to your spanker to deserve a spanking or simply ask your spanker for a spanking because you know you needed it?
I often ask for a spanking and know when one is needed!

16) Have you received a spanking in the last week?
Almost everyday!

17) Would you rather be spanked for the physical pleasure or the emotional release?

The emotional release. Keeps me in balance and helps me learn my role as a submissive wife..

18) Would you rather tell your best friends that you enjoy to be spanked or keep it a secret?
The world is not ready for this and neither are our friends – so it is a very private thing between us.

19) Would you rather spanking be a lifestyle choice or just something you dabble in?
It is turning into a lifestyle and I can’t imagine turning back at the moment.

20) Would you rather your husband be a vanilla or a spankoholic too? 
 I want him to embrace his role as leader, disciplinarian and the man I love and respect – so it’s good we’re on the same page about this – therefore – a spankoholic.

21) Would you rather be spanked by a stranger or by someone who knew you well? 
Only by the man I love. It’s all about love, marriage, peace, harmony, respect, being taken in hand, and adored!

22) Would you rather be talked to while you are spanked or no talking at all?
Talked to before and after. (sometimes in between)

23) Would you rather get one swat at a time with pauses to let the sting set in or a continuous tanning to build up the fire?
One swat at a time but for a longer period. I can’t take continuous spanking, especially with the leather paddle.

24) Would you rather be forced into a spanking or willingly submit into a spanking?

Willingly submit to a spanking – again, because it’s part of my unlearning bad habits and learning respect and obedience. I know when I have an attitude problem.

25) Would you rather have a safe word or be pushed beyond your preconceived limits?
We have a safe word – but I totally trust my hubby to be fair and to know my limits.

26) Would you rather your spanker know your spanking history or is ignorance bliss?
I have no spanking history at all. But if I had, I’d let him know. Honesty is the best policy and the foundation for a good marriage.

27) Would you rather be spanked once a day or once every few months?

We haven’t evolved that far yet – so everyday is best for me.

28) Would you rather a closer physical relationship or a closer emotional relationship with your spanker?
Both!  Domestic Discipline has definitely brought us closer together in every way.

29) Would you rather your spanker ice your bottom down after a spanking or send you to the corner to display his/her accomplishment?

Aloe Vera is what we use and that’s fine with me. I hate ice and corner time would be humiliating.
That’s not what DD is about, in my opinion.

30) Would you rather your spanker be the person you wish to live the rest of your life with (i.e. marriage) or the person you can call on when your tushy tickles?
The only man in my life – my hubby.

31) Would you rather spanking be part of love making or not a part of love making?

Lots of different opinions out there in DD blogland about this – but love making as a comfort AFTER spanking is wonderful and brings us closer together.

32) Would you rather your spanker have total control over you when you are being spanked or do you still want to have some control while you are being spanked?

I want him in control – I need to show him how much I trust him.

33) Would you rather be humiliated or respected during a spanking?
Spankings are for changing bad behavior and for making a home a happier, calmer and peaceful place. Humiliation plays no part in that. Where there is humiliation – there is no respect.
34) Would you rather your spanking be gentle and gradual or painful and abrupt?
Gradual and gentle.

35) Would you rather be spanked exclusively in your own bedroom or anywhere else other than your own bedroom?
Wherever my hubby decides. I personally like the bedroom best – but the decision is up to him.

36) Would you rather be spanked exclusively on your bottom or would other places be interesting too?
Only on my tush!
37) Would you rather that spanking be a surprise or something that you have to look forward to?
It all depends on the situation.

38) Would you rather that spanking be a part of role playing kinkiness or a response to events that have happened in reality?

DD and spankings are a lifestyle for us, not a game. Spanking for us would be  as a response to events.

39) Would you rather be cuddled or scolded after a spanking?
Absolutely cuddled and loved.

You can borrow this template and make it your own!

Love from 
Jack's Jill


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