Friday, November 30, 2012

Jack Spanks Jill Daily

Call it what you will, but I want to become a submissive wife.
I know that many don't like that word - but I don't care!!
I guess coming from a "Women's Lib" generation, that would sound like I'm being a wimp.
But I feel it's getting back to basics.
Moving into a role that was meant to be.

I'm dead tired of believing my world will fall apart if I'm not:
  • A part of all the decisions being made -
  • Trying to make time to do everything -
  • Being everywhere at one time -
  • Keeping an eye on everyone - 
  • Keeping the house on track - 
  • Knowing the state of our finances -
  • Making everyone happy - 
  • Being a good wife, mother, colleague, shopper, teacher, mentor, friend.
I'm dead tired just writing about it!!!
That's why, in such a short time, I've made a life-changing decision.
I'm letting Jack do the things he does best. I'm working on not butting in, negotiating,
arguing and dominating every single situation and decision.

But how to unlearn these "bad" habits that took a life-time to learn?
Submission has to be the answer.
Here at the beginning, I've had to stop myself a million times from falling back into old patterns.
Everything is new and requires a  huge amount of restraint and effort.
It's all on the surface still - so how do we go about making it a part of the fabric of who we are?
I, for one, know that if Jack steps up and takes the lead, that will help a lot - and thank goodness, he has!!
To get into "submissive" mode - I've asked him to give me maintenance spankings everyday.
I need to learn, know and understand that the decisions he makes are non-negotiable.
I need to submit to his will.
I need to understand that he is the boss now. He runs things. He determines my disciplines and keeps me in line.
Even though disciplining me is totally new for him - he seems to be embracing his new authority and the respect, admiration and love that goes along with it.
All I can say is - it is helping me so much in accepting my new role as a submissive wife,- and loving it!
I can let go and relax - knowing that he knows best and appreciating all he does.
Do these spankings hurt? You bet!
Is it worth it? Yes it is!
I'm learning to put myself in his hands and trusting him to take care of me in so many ways.
So that's where we are at the moment - and I couldn't be happier!

Jack's Jill

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jack and Jill - Random Thoughts on Domestic Discipline

While reading some blogs and comments - I noticed a few people
didn't understand why it is so important for a DD wife to show obedience
to her HoH.
Many thought we were weak, looking for "father-figures" or losing our identities.
The following is my answer to some of these comments.

Jack and I are  new to Domestic Discipline - but I don't think we'll ever go back to any other type of marriage.
This is an "old-fashioned" type of marriage where the man is the head of the household, takes care of his loved ones, enforces the rules of the house and makes the final decisions.
And what does a DD wife do? She gives the man she loves respect, obedience, love and admiration!
Are we door mats? Not at all!
My hubby listens to all my opinions and takes them all into consideration, then makes the final decision.
Why do I agree to this? Because (as Jack says)  there can only be one captain on a ship - otherwise there's  chaos. 
We made a list together of the things that we want in our marriage.
When my HoH has broken one of our rules - he has to apologize. That is a big thing for him!
When I break a rule, I get disciplined!   How could I ever love and respect a man I could spank? Someone has to enforce the rules! I make the waves - he gets the boat on course - and I adore him for this. He is so much more involved in our marriage now - working to make our days happy, loving, calm and peaceful. I love domestic discipline - no more days of cold shoulders, and the silent treatment!
Problems are solved on the spot and when I have learned my lesson, we cuddle and make love and are happy again.
I make decisions on behalf of other people all day long  at work - but at home I've handed over the reins to my Jack and that works perfectly.
I would like to add, that my hubby doesn't have the right to spank me for daily things such as cleaning the house etc....I'm not his slave. We share the responsibilities of the daily chores together - but he does have total control over everything that upsets our marriage.
He disciplines for the  The 4 Ds - and the extras:
  • Disobedience 
  • Disrespect 
  • Dishonesty and 
  • Disloyalty.
  •  Health and safety.

Domestic Discipline is not only about punishment! Spankings are a means to achieve a better conduct in a marriage. I can imagine that most couples, in time, have no use for discipline when they've learned to communicate in a loving and respectful manner.

Jack's Jill

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jack and Jill - To Spoon or not to Spoon

We've been doing our homework - reading all we can about Domestic Discipline.
Forums, blogs, websites, documentaries, diaries and more.
There's a lot of interesting ideas and great creativity too out there!!.

Among many of the topics regarding DD are implements for spanking.
People's preferences differ from person to person (couple to couple) and among these implements - many prefer the wooden spoon.

We totally respect that people should use  what ever works for them.

To us - the heart of the home is the kitchen. Here we feed each other, talk, relax, play games around the table and just have a cozy time together.
In our kitchen we have lots of wonderful utensils! We  love all our utensils - especially those made of wood. In fact - most of our utensils are made of wood!

Therefore we agreed that utensils belong in the kitchen - so what do we discipline with, besides the hand - which is very handy?  (no pun intended!)

Well...............I am a high maintenance girl - not in a bragging way, but because when you buy good quality things - you tend to take better care of them, they last longer and get better with age.-

So Jack's getting the best paddle we could find - one that only lives in our bedroom!
A beautiful paddle hand-made by .The London Tanners!
And here it is! (pretty cool  - I think!)

So if you ask us - To Spoon or not to Spoon?
Only when we sleep! :)

Love from
Jack's Jill

Monday, November 12, 2012

Jack and Jill's New Word

 I've been reading around in DD Blogland that lots of couples just starting out,
(ourselves included) don't know where to begin when starting out with Domestic Discipline.
As far as I understand -half of the term Domestic Discipline is the word Discipline!

I personally don't want to start out with a punishment - that's for sure!!!

I'm trying really hard to come to terms with relinquishing control - letting Jack sail this ship and being respectful and obedient to his wishes.
Many wives out there are doing the same - and that's where we're at..............
An impasse.
Hubby doesn't really want to punish me for nothing. This is all new to him too!

So if we don't want to start out with a heavy-duty spanking - where do we start?
Let's see...................
Perhaps with a spanking that helps my hubby to assert and establish his authority.
A spanking that says............Hubby is now in charge!

Well -- what do we have to work with at the moment?
  • Punishment spankings
  • Reminder spankings
  • Maintenance spankings
But those terms don't seem to define what we need right now to get things going and to get things on track!
I personally need a word or action that let's me know that:
"hubby is now in charge" - get over it, work on it, deal with it!

A spanking that shakes my "domestic house", rattles my inner- furniture
and let's things fall into place, in a whole new way. 
A spanking that helps me to see my hubby in a whole new light  - in awe and wonder.
A "He's the boss now" spanking and me loving it.

Changing old habits isn't easy. Bad habits have taken years to learn - 
and now I need to un-learn them to help make our marriage a place without
a battle-of-the-wills
So we'll be working on finding a new expression for this and implementing it asap!
So, stay tuned!

Jack's Jill

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jack and Jill have made a choice!

Today Jack and I made a list for making our home a happier one.
I need to say that even though I came with the idea of  Domestic Discipline -
I was suddenly in doubt today and have been beside myself with a million questions!.

What do I stand to lose by committing myself to DD?
and I really couldn't come up with much.

 And then I thought, what could I win?

I could win :
  •  a happier household.
  • Less fights and bickering.
  • A better form for communication.
  • A man who takes the lead and commands respect  through his actions and decisions to make our marriage better.
  • A husband I love and respect and obey with joy.
  • Better behavior from the both of us.
  • A home filled with love and affection.
  • A husband who is more involved in making our life wonderful.
  • A home filled with peace and harmony.
  •  unconditional trust in my hubby
  • Watching my hubby grow with his new responsibilities.
  • knowing everything my hubby says and does, is with love and not anger.
This list is truly endless ................
So tomorrow we commit to bettering our life together through DD.

Jack's Jill

Friday, November 9, 2012

Jack and Jill moving on!

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
and Jill came tumbling after..............

That pretty much sums up our marriage.
Lots of love and common interests......
and struggling up hills, falling down
and trudging up again.
 That's why I had to find something to 
get us out of this rut - shake our foundation-
and get us on track to a life with love, harmony,
respect, trust, discipline, communication and a safe haven.

Hubby is now on board - understands the essentials
of domestic discipline and probably has said yes
to make me happy, which he has done.

I'm sure we have a looooooooooooong road ahead -
filled with ups and downs - but hopefully moving forward
each day at a time.
Forward is certainly better than up and down the same
old hill.

til next time!
Jack's Jill

Jack and Jill need help

Hubby and I are in the discussion phase of Domestic Discipline right now.
He's doing his homework; reads and we discuss why I think this will
bring us forward and together in our marriage.
It might seem a bit late - as we've been married for 22 years - but
many of those years have been a battle between our strong wills.
Suddenly I had a revelation one day. I found out how much I need him,
want him, love him and without my realizing -
he has been the HoH of our family for years!
He takes care of me in all that it entails, except for drawing the line
and disciplining me - which I feel I truly deserve.

Why I've fought him for so long probably has to do with the political
environment I grew up in. Women should be strong, independent, make
their own choices bla. bla. bla.................
I found Clint's site, Learning About Domestic Discipline, and boy did
I have a "light bulb" moment!
The best way to show my love and trust, is to let my hubby make
the major decisions and take an active part in how our marriage should
be run. I'm the one making waves - he should be the one to correct
and create peace and harmony.
I know he can do this - I just think he needs to come to terms with the
disciplinary site of DD,
More on this later!