Friday, January 18, 2013

Jack and Jill Say Thank You!

We learn everyday. 
We learn from all you wonderful people who live a Domestic Discipline lifestyle.
Thank you all for sharing with us. You have been an inspiration!

Along the way, we've read things that made sense to us.
We've read things we could relate to, and things we couldn't!  But, hey, that's fine - we learn from everything we read and from everyone of you!

Reading back - we can see that we are evolving all the time, and what we thought back then, we had to leave behind to move forward. And who knows? In the future, we'll probably be somewhere completely different. That's fine too  - One step at a time.          

We are constantly talking about all the wonderful things that have happened since beginning our journey - and are amazed at how these wonderful changes have enhanced our love life, our passion, our form of communicating, our sex life and our need for one another.

My Jack has a wife who loves, adores, respects, tries to obey (working on it, folks!) is working hard on my goals of being a good submissive and caring wife - who puts him first above all others.
I have a husband who is working hard to become the leader of our household, making good decisions, disciplining me when I get off track, loves me and is getting better each day at admitting his mistakes and apologizing. Who could ask for more?
We have moved from a stagnant marriage to a dynamic one! 

Domestic Discipline has - in our opinion -  nothing to do with religion or race, color, creed, background or upbringing.
It has to do with the dynamics of a relationship. the division of roles. A marriage.
We do things to please each other, with no other intent or purpose than to give pleasure.

Thank you all for sharing with us - you have made a big difference in our lives.

Hugs from
Jack and Jill   

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Holidays with Jack and Jill

A look back on the holidays.................. 

Ahhhhhhhhhh, the holidays!
A week off from work! Time to relax. Time for family. Time for fun. Time for freaking out!!!

I wonder why the holidays are such a stressful time of year - especially for us "subs"?
I think we try too hard for perfection.

A normal holiday in the house of Jack and Jill:
Ok - so there are going to be guests - will they judge us on how clean our floors are?
Probably not - but ok - I'll wash the floors anyway, 
and make a great dinner, -------------------------------------------->
and wash the windows, 
and vacuum the rugs 
and wash down the counters, 

and buy the presents and wrap them too, while I'm at it.

Oh, yeah - lots of people spending the night - so out comes the guest beds. (fold up kind)
and now for bedclothes,pillows, blankets, lamps to make it cozy.

No wonder I'm a wreck during the holidays!

There went family time, unless you count the time spent over hubby's  knee!!

I wonder how my Jack takes it all in his stride. 
I wish I could take a page out of HIS book.
But I don't know the title or where to buy the book!! 

Any clues of where that book can be found - would be much appreciated.
Until them.............................thank goodness Christmas only comes once a year!

Happy 2013

Jack's Jill 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year and a New Beginning for Jack and Jill

So begins a new year.

A very different start to a new year, than last year, to say the least.
We have embraced Domestic Discipline and I don't think we'll ever look back.

I wrote on a blog somewhere, that I truly believe that there would be fewer divorces, if people lived a DD lifestyle.
Those who have embraced this lifestyle are looking for ways to make their marriage/relationship work - and to change the dynamics and roles is a big job - but so worth it!

We had our talk today about how things are going. We looked at our list and added some new goals we want to work on for the next 2 weeks. I am going to need help with these goals, and luckily Daddy Jack will help me to keep me in the right mind-set towards my goal of being a content, submissive wife. Jack has promised to give me light reminders 4 times a week and corner/thinking time, if he feels it's necessary.

On the other hand - I don't understand people who choose this lifestyle and then do everything they can to "break rules", brat, contradict and negotiate. That just doesn't make sense!
We've agreed that the only time I am to be spanked as punishment is if I break any of the 4 D rules. To be honest - I love him, why would I disobey, disrespect, be disloyal or dishonest to the man I love?
If things aren't going to satisfaction - then weekly talks should help. I'm not a mind reader, and neither is Jack, therefore those weekly talks are really, really important. It's the only way to know what each other is needing and to be on the same page.

I'm also looking forward to Jack giving me bedtime curfews - I know my mornings will be so much better, if he makes me go to bed earlier than I usually do. Some might think this is micro-managing, but I consider it a great help. I am a night person living and working at a day job.

Jack will be working on being attentive to my needs and his  new responsibilities as head of the house.

That's about it for now.
Looking forward to a wonderful year!
Jack's Jill