Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jack Helps Jill To Be A Better Submissive Wife

Ok - so this is the second to the last day of 2012!
As I wrote in my last blog - we use Domestic Discipline to help us communicate better, to work out our problems on the spot (hopefully) and build a deeper understanding of the new roles we want in our relationship.
But today I had an idea!
DD can be used for so many wonderful things.
One of my major goals is to be a submissive wife - but another goal is to be a better person.
I work in the day and have to get up early a few times a week, which is a big problem for me, because I am a night-owl.
I love going to bed late - which means I'm a wreck in the mornings.

I asked Daddy Jack if he would help with by giving me bedtime curfews.
The days I have to get up early - he will make sure I go to bed early, and the days
I meet later in the morning - he'll let me stay up a bit longer.
I can't do this on my own -I need Daddy Jack to help me achieve my goals.

So for the next year, he'll tell me when to go to bed - no negotiating - no contradictions.
If  he feels like sending me extra early to bed - I have to obey, because it is his right as leader of the house to send me to bed whenever he feels like it. This second part is to help me learn obedience which is essential for being a good submissive and taken- in- hand wife.
So, that¨s what's new around here - and I am so happy to have a HoH who cares so much about me, that he will anything he can to help me reach my goals! How lucky am I?!!

What a great way to end the year.

Happy New Year everyone!
Jack's Jill


  1. Happy New Year Jill!

    I hope 2013 brings you all the happiness you can handle!


    1. You too Willie!
      Happy Happy New Year to both of you!
      See you next year - for sure!
      Jack's Jill

  2. Having and reaching personal goals is a wonderful part of living a DD lifestyle dynamic. Hopefully there are set consequences that have been agreed to for proceeding and a Progression of Discipline in place. And also positive reinforcement for reaching short and long term goals too. That's the fun part! :)
    Happy New Year!

    1. Dear MrBBSpanker!
      Thank you so much for all your wonderful words of advice.
      Happy New year to you and yours!
      Looking forward to reading more from your hand.

      best wishes
      Jack and Jill

  3. Mine is more than happy to help me enforce my own rules, too! I almost think that's easier than him making them up, lol :) I love it!