Monday, November 12, 2012

Jack and Jill's New Word

 I've been reading around in DD Blogland that lots of couples just starting out,
(ourselves included) don't know where to begin when starting out with Domestic Discipline.
As far as I understand -half of the term Domestic Discipline is the word Discipline!

I personally don't want to start out with a punishment - that's for sure!!!

I'm trying really hard to come to terms with relinquishing control - letting Jack sail this ship and being respectful and obedient to his wishes.
Many wives out there are doing the same - and that's where we're at..............
An impasse.
Hubby doesn't really want to punish me for nothing. This is all new to him too!

So if we don't want to start out with a heavy-duty spanking - where do we start?
Let's see...................
Perhaps with a spanking that helps my hubby to assert and establish his authority.
A spanking that says............Hubby is now in charge!

Well -- what do we have to work with at the moment?
  • Punishment spankings
  • Reminder spankings
  • Maintenance spankings
But those terms don't seem to define what we need right now to get things going and to get things on track!
I personally need a word or action that let's me know that:
"hubby is now in charge" - get over it, work on it, deal with it!

A spanking that shakes my "domestic house", rattles my inner- furniture
and let's things fall into place, in a whole new way. 
A spanking that helps me to see my hubby in a whole new light  - in awe and wonder.
A "He's the boss now" spanking and me loving it.

Changing old habits isn't easy. Bad habits have taken years to learn - 
and now I need to un-learn them to help make our marriage a place without
a battle-of-the-wills
So we'll be working on finding a new expression for this and implementing it asap!
So, stay tuned!

Jack's Jill


  1. When you find that term please share, because we need one of those as well.

  2. Haha TL same here. I *think* we have our maintenance (or whatever we call it) worked out, well, at least for the next 5 minutes :). I'm sure we will be confused again any day now!

  3. We're new, too. I haven't had that first spanking yet. My DH also doesn't want to punish me for nothing. The more I think about it, the more apprehensive I get. It's in the works, though. Is it weird to be giddy & scared at the same time? :)

    1. Hi Jessa!

      Instead of fearing the worst - strive for the best.
      Discipline should on be used when necessary.
      When my hubby Jack is 100% sure he is ready to take total responsibility for keeping us on track, he gets the reins for moving us in the right direction! I've wanted him to play an more active role forever! Talk to your hubby about how you feel. No one should go around feeling scared! This is all about love!
      Jack's Jill

  4. yeah, Fondles calls those "incentive spankings". keeps it in the positive, you know?

    1. Great idea Renee!
      We've agreed to call our first "encounter" for an establishing spanking.A spanking where he establishes his role as head of our house with all the responsibilities that entails - keeping it positive all the way!
      Like I wrote before, DD shouldn't be about punishment, but about keeping a marriage happy and free from negative bickering. Hubby now has a tool for this, but I'm making it very hard for him to use it - I'm working on being "very good" and he loves it! :0)
      Jack's Jill

  5. Welcome to blogland :o)
    What is great about TTWD (this thing we do) is really, to each their own. Its wonderful when we can identify something that will help our relationships and when we find terms we are comfortable and fit just for us, it adds to the intimacy :o)

  6. Well I too am SUCH an angel * wink* that finally we just played around for a bit so that our first spanking would happen. We did it to find out which implements made the most noice,and positions that worked. Talking the entire time. This way, although it was awkward, the spanking aprehension was over..Sort of. I mean that helped once the first punishment spanking came into play.

    That was still awkward. We have decided that maintenance would help him as much as it would me. There is still lots of discussion about how much, how long ect... going on. I've heard from other women, soon he'll be taking off on his own, and my imput will no longer be needed or wanted. But for my new HoH being in a more relaxed atmosphere during administering a spanking is helping him.

    Sorry to highjack your blog, just thought it might be helpful to some :)

    Welcome to BlogLand!


  7. Well I have been trying to email you to tell you I tagged you in a silly question thing, but I can't email you through my followers and I can't see an email link on your blog...Hopefully you get this info.


  8. Dear Wilma
    I can't reply to your mails because it says no reply - but here is my mail address.

    I'll try and add it to the blog somewhere!