Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jack and Jill have made a choice!

Today Jack and I made a list for making our home a happier one.
I need to say that even though I came with the idea of  Domestic Discipline -
I was suddenly in doubt today and have been beside myself with a million questions!.

What do I stand to lose by committing myself to DD?
and I really couldn't come up with much.

 And then I thought, what could I win?

I could win :
  •  a happier household.
  • Less fights and bickering.
  • A better form for communication.
  • A man who takes the lead and commands respect  through his actions and decisions to make our marriage better.
  • A husband I love and respect and obey with joy.
  • Better behavior from the both of us.
  • A home filled with love and affection.
  • A husband who is more involved in making our life wonderful.
  • A home filled with peace and harmony.
  •  unconditional trust in my hubby
  • Watching my hubby grow with his new responsibilities.
  • knowing everything my hubby says and does, is with love and not anger.
This list is truly endless ................
So tomorrow we commit to bettering our life together through DD.

Jack's Jill


  1. Hi Jill (and Jack)

    I think you made a lot of great points. The question of "what do I really have to lose?" is one that I always encourage newbies to think of before starting a trial period of DD, or before beginning in general.

    Welcome to DD!! If you ever need anything, please let me know.


  2. Thank you so much Chelsea!
    That means so much to us.
    Looking forward to the forum.
    It was your site and Clint's that
    inspired us.
    Jack's Jill

  3. Awesome list!! Very well thought out. We started DD later in our marriage as well. We are still working the kinks out, but man the benefits are amazing...

  4. Welcome to blogging!

    - I like the list, it's eye opening. I sometimes have to remind myself WHAT I was thinking and how things went on between my husband and myself before we started DD.

  5. Hey Welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This stuff is tough isn't it? Well us 'newbies' can stumble along together!

    Best of luck