Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Is A Spanking Good For?

Sometimes I come off sounding like I agree with the spankings some of my DD girlfriends get.
I guess I do - but that's because I chose this lifestyle and so did they!!

Domestic Discipline means:
that women are disciplined by their husbands. We have, through discussion, made common rules to live by, enforced by our husbands. 
We have also agreed to work hard on being submissive and obedient to them.

Now, why would any woman in her right mind choose to live in a relationship that entails being spanked and disciplined?

Well, here are some of my reasons and others I've read around the DD Town::

- feel free to add your own:

A spanking is good for:
balance and release
changing bad habits
reaching goals
pleasing your hubby
learning obedience
learning to be submissive to your hubby
keeping safe
correcting bad behavior
adding a little spice to your love life
learning to show respect
making your HoH feel he is the ultimate head of the house
following the rules and guidelines of the house
for reminding you to honor, care and show your love for your HoH
To stop contradicting, bickering, arguments, control and anger issues
For learning to be a good role model for your children.
For letting men be men!
To learn that all major decisions are made by the HoHs
To learn to abide by those decisions
To accept all punishments (with gratitude)
To never show disrespect or talk behind your Hubby's back. (dissing your hubby)
To be feminine
(some have even stricter rules - that might include)
Keeping a clean house
Feeding and taking care of the family
To do the daily chores, well.
To keep a quiet house and serve your HoH when he comes home.
To dress according to the HoH's likes
Personal hygiene - shaving or not
To keep HoHs informed of what goes on during the day
To be humble
To learn to  please his needs at all times.
To not go over budget

At some time or another, I've broken many of these rules, but spanking has helped me back on track - and for that, I'm grateful.

Jack's Jill


  1. Welcome back, Jill :) For us it is mostly to affirm discipline and our roles, those are the things that under lie all spankings, whether they are stress relief, play or correction. And like you, I am very grateful that he loves me enough.


  2. Thanks June!
    I've missed being around - but it is finals time and I've got so much work to do. Summer vacation is not far off, which will give me more time for and writing with DD friends.
    Miss you bunches!

  3. Welcome back Jill! It's great to see you post.

    To me it's also about affirming our roles within our dynamic and creating closeness, intimay and connection.

    I hope things are going well for you and Jack.


  4. Hi Jill! I would add that being submissive is a turn-on.

  5. Hey Jill~great post! Love all the reasons posted here. ~smartingoff

  6. hi jill, glad you're back. :) i love it for the release and the submissive thing is a huge turn on for me too (like renee rose). i don't think we will ever go back to life before dd.


  7. Hi I just found your blog through google+ - I really appreciate your down to earth honesty and how you simply state what is true for you. On the subject of what a spanking is good for - its helped me overcome depression :) Possibly and most probably due to those "happy chemicals" released after our men get to work :) Again thanks for sharing - Love your blog xxx