Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Holidays with Jack and Jill

A look back on the holidays.................. 

Ahhhhhhhhhh, the holidays!
A week off from work! Time to relax. Time for family. Time for fun. Time for freaking out!!!

I wonder why the holidays are such a stressful time of year - especially for us "subs"?
I think we try too hard for perfection.

A normal holiday in the house of Jack and Jill:
Ok - so there are going to be guests - will they judge us on how clean our floors are?
Probably not - but ok - I'll wash the floors anyway, 
and make a great dinner, -------------------------------------------->
and wash the windows, 
and vacuum the rugs 
and wash down the counters, 

and buy the presents and wrap them too, while I'm at it.

Oh, yeah - lots of people spending the night - so out comes the guest beds. (fold up kind)
and now for bedclothes,pillows, blankets, lamps to make it cozy.

No wonder I'm a wreck during the holidays!

There went family time, unless you count the time spent over hubby's  knee!!

I wonder how my Jack takes it all in his stride. 
I wish I could take a page out of HIS book.
But I don't know the title or where to buy the book!! 

Any clues of where that book can be found - would be much appreciated.
Until them.............................thank goodness Christmas only comes once a year!

Happy 2013

Jack's Jill 


  1. Lol Jill, sorry, can't help with the book ... but if you find out can you please let me know!

    The holidays are so stressful, and a very good, bad? time for us submissive wives to find ourselves in trouble.

    It can also be easy for ttwd to take a bit of a back seat over the holidays. it doesn't sound like that happened in your case, which I guess is a good thing? :)


  2. I tried Roz!
    I really did!!! - but didn't succeed. ;0(
    I totally lost it with all the hectic activity and expectations.
    So I was on reminder spankings all week! (better than punishment any old day!!)


  3. This is one time when I'm glad we have a small house (no room for overnight guests!) and less to clean! I'd love to have more room sometimes, but I dunno... :)